I have been spending a lot of time lately on  I like the short format, just perfect for drive-by snark.

Since joining Gab I’ve read a lot of posts about how awful the Jews are and why they should be wiped off of the face of the planet.  I’ve talked with some of these people, trying to understand how anyone could seriously wish the destruction of an entire group of people.

“They rule the world with their banks and things!”

“They worship Satan!”

“They eat babies ‘n’ stuff!”

“You are a moron!”

So far I haven’t heard a rational reason to go all Nazi on a group of people, most of which do none of the above.  Hitler tried that and it didn’t work.  There is no way to kill that fast without arousing the wrath of the rest of the world.  Modern Israel was created because of the horrors of the Holocaust.  Guilt trip much?  Frankly, Europe has never liked the Jews and maybe hoped that Hitler would do their killing for them.  So…Israel.  Expiation for thought-crimes.

Even though many Stormers (from their mag The Daily Storm) have made it clear to me why they believe the way they do, I cannot go along with their desire to wipe out this or any group of people.  If Jews worship Satan, God will deal with them.  If they eat babies they, alas, are not the only ones.  I can only hope that the law catches up with any #Pizzagate participants, Jewish or not.  And I can keep my pennies under the mattress if I don’t like banks.

It is human nature to prefer one’s own tribe.  For centuries tribes have used the excuse “God told us to!” to make war on other tribes.  Even in the beginning of Christianity Roman Catholics made war on other Catholics.  Then Protestants and Catholics made war on each other.  And there are so many divisions within the Protestant faith that I have lost count.  My tribe against your tribe.

In my opinion, if someone comes after me with a drawn sword (the Moslems, these days), I will fight back.  I disagree intellectually with a lot of people, but feel they have a right to their opinion.  Regarding Jews, I see no threat.  Regarding Stormers, I thank them for their patience with me (moron-shouter notwithstanding), but I cannot agree with their philosophy.


Keep me away from Facebook…please!

I have this new acquaintance, a nice kid, a weaver, a business owner.  But she is also a liberal and tends to share posts by other liberals.  I do my best not to argue with these people ’cause talking to a liberal about politics is like talking to a wall.

The latest atrocity was the girl remembering Katrina and miffed that George Bush flying over Louisiana somehow delayed her rescue.  All airspace had to be shut down because the President was flying over.  And how long does it take a plane to fly over anything?

Ummm, that’s not how I remember it.  As I recall, the media was all a-sneer because the President wouldn’t interrupt his vacation to condole with the hurricane victims IMMEDIATELY!  Relief wasn’t there the minute the wind died down!  They beat that tale for weeks and weeks and weeks about how the mean ol’ Republicans just didn’t care about blacks.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.  Obama is playing golf while Louisiana drowns.  And this twit says she is glad that the Governor told Obama not to come, that this was a bad time to block the roads and otherwise protect the President.  And she’s horrified that Donald Trump dared to inconvenience the people of Louisiana by appearing in person to show support.

Things like this make me tear my hair out.  First, if the Governor had asked Obama not to come, why didn’t Obama just tell the media so?  I’ll bet the question never came up, that’s why.  This girl is just making excuses for our Fearless Leader.  By the way, he did manage to squeeze in one more game of golf before going to Louisiana…under duress.  Can’t let Trump show him up, ya know…

And that’s what it is all about.  Trump smeared egg on Obama’s face by appearing more Presidential than Obama in a time of crisis for Louisiana.  The left is supposed to be the masters of optics, but they were faked out of their shorts this time.  I love it.


Long Grey Hair

Just finished a hilarious thread in The Conservative Treehouse involving women with long grey hair.  Fashion and politics, my favorite combination!  But I get the point.  We have them around here.  Those dried out, bony girls that go drifting through the farmers market now and then as if to see what the peasants are up to.  They are organic and gluten-free and rather offended if the bread has gluten in it (!) or that the organic vegetables have some bug holes.

They go to art galleries, but have no talent of their own.  They organize fundraisers for bike trails, or save the squirrels, or whatever cause is trendy at the moment.  They speak perfect PC in cultured, vaguely European tones.  (They have been to Europe, of course, haven’t you?)  They vote Democrat because Democrats own the cool table.  Only a real plebe would vote Republican or, God help us, for Donald Trump.  (Insert delicate shudder.)

These people will admit to a certain New Age mysticism, usually involving crystals and meditation.  They admire crafts, but ‘don’t have time’ to actually become good at one.  They might make a wreath, or complete most of a needlework kit, but they really prefer committee work that gives them a chance to gossip with others of their kind.

Perhaps I’m just a teensy bit jealous of these women that seem to sail through life untouched by the problems other people face.  With little apparent effort they are thin, gracious, and sought after.  So my opinion that they are clueless and useless might be a tad biased.  I’d like to be fair…

…but I won’t.  Frankly, I’d like to smack ’em all.


A while back it seemed that Breitbart was always talking about ‘Brexit’.  It had something to do with Great Britain and was supposed to be very, very important.  So I looked up the term and learned that it meant Britain Exit…from the European Union.

Today on Facebook (yeah, I use it, so sue me…) a friend linked to a BBC article that was supposed to explain why things happened as they did.  Apparently David Cameron, the Prime Minister (I think), proposed a vote on leaving the European Union.  This was almost in the manner of a joke, to assure the Right that the people of Britain were very happy with things as they were, and for the Right to sit down and shut up.

In spite of the usual politicking, the people of Britain voted LEAVE!  That wasn’t supposed to happen!  I mean, didn’t the peasants know when they were well off?  Mr. Cameron has resigned…to take effect in October.

I do wonder why these politicians resign, only to hang around forever as if they were relevant…

Meanwhile the Earth is supposed to swap poles and blow up because of this.  Actually, all of Europe has been looking to Britain, hoping that if the Brits can pull out, they can too.

Like other Socialist regimes before, the EU practices Robin Hood economics; take from the rich and give to the poor, i.e., France gets to support Greece.  I think many of the northern European countries are getting sick of this.  How many people are willing to work hard only to see the results of their labor given to someone who hasn’t worked?  That bird doesn’t fly for long.

I am so relieved that Europe is finally figuring this out.  Congratulations, Britain, and hang in there!

Uh, oh…

Apparently a couple of people from the Treehouse have decided to follow my blog.  That is very nice of them, but now what?  Do I have to be intelligent now?  Do I have to filter my opinion?

Over the course of a long life, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer for people to dislike me for what I am rather than like me for what I am not.  I have spent far too long to redraw myself anymore to suit everyone’s mood.  In the end no one is happy and I curl up in the corner waiting for the next blow to fall.  I’m tired of all that.

So I will continue to say what I feel in here.  That means I might bitch and moan, or say words like damn…or bitch for that matter.  It also means I might talk about kombucha or how the cat let a mouse loose in the bed the other night.

Right now I am absolutely delighted that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate.  I can relate to that man!  He has always wanted to be the biggest, baddest, brightest person on the planet and he has done it.  He doesn’t give a damn what people think of his persona, he’s the Big Dog and not afraid to let people know about it.  Now he intends to be President!

Rush Limbaugh can only wish for that kind of style…

“Beulah, the Smelling Salts!!”

This has been such a rich and juicy political season.  First, the Republicans managed to come up with a field of 17 candidates. including a billionaire, a has-been CEO, a doctor, and the usual assortment of governors and senators.  Meanwhile the Democrats have a jailbird and a leftover hippie.

In the process of thinning the Republican field the crap has been hitting the fan daily.  Latest in the craziness is the National Enquirer article that has the media clutching their pearls and gasping for air.  Apparently Ted Cruz, aka Mr. Perfect, has been caught with his…er…pants down.

Frankly, I think it is delightful.  I always think it is delightful when some pompous, self-righteous individual gets busted.  I eagerly await further developments.

Meanwhile, why does the entire Washington establishment (including the media) suddenly dissolve in floods of Victorian hysteria when a Presidential candidate is caught having (gasp!) affairs?  I just can’t believe that their senses have been that horribly offended.

Maybe because something like this shoots all to pieces the theory that Republican hate women.  Apparently Mr. Cruz likes women–a lot.  And remember Bill Clinton?  No one worried about his affairs, but he was a Democrat and the rules are different.

I don’t like Ted Cruz.  I think he is a liar and a sneak.  But the idea of a politician getting a bit on the side?  Not a surprise.  And in this case, right in character.

O Rush Part 2

Better finish this thought before I forget it in the ever increasing rush of political events.  This season is certainly not the usual suits and chest beating leading up to the same ol’ same ol’.

Rush Limbaugh got well and truly busted by Phyllis Shlafly a few weeks ago on her Eagle Forum.  Apparently, when the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill was under discussion, Marco Rubio managed to persuade not just Rush, but all of the talk show hosts to back off of the subject.  Just until they got things worked out.  What amazes me is that all of them did just that.  Back off.  All of them.

It explains Rush’s statement that if Cruz didn’t get the nomination that Rubio would be a good alternative.  Rubio?  RUBIO???  That man always impressed me as a wind-up doll.  Like Obama, if it isn’t written down he can’t say it.  Rush, how art thou fallen!

And the shocks just keep coming.  Ted Cruz, another ‘outsider’, has turned into a snake lawyer.  Just remember that lawyers don’t care about the truth, just winning their case.  Cruz has played some dirty tricks beyond passing rumors that Ben Carson had given up the race when he hadn’t.  At one time I thought Cruz might make a good President, but no more.

Now I hear that much of ‘conservative’ media has been purchased by liberal big money guys as a way of controlling it.  And controlled it is.  I have been listening to Rush & Co. since 1990 and trusted that they were reporting facts.  It breaks my heart that they have sold out.