O Rush Part 2

Better finish this thought before I forget it in the ever increasing rush of political events.  This season is certainly not the usual suits and chest beating leading up to the same ol’ same ol’.

Rush Limbaugh got well and truly busted by Phyllis Shlafly a few weeks ago on her Eagle Forum.  Apparently, when the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill was under discussion, Marco Rubio managed to persuade not just Rush, but all of the talk show hosts to back off of the subject.  Just until they got things worked out.  What amazes me is that all of them did just that.  Back off.  All of them.

It explains Rush’s statement that if Cruz didn’t get the nomination that Rubio would be a good alternative.  Rubio?  RUBIO???  That man always impressed me as a wind-up doll.  Like Obama, if it isn’t written down he can’t say it.  Rush, how art thou fallen!

And the shocks just keep coming.  Ted Cruz, another ‘outsider’, has turned into a snake lawyer.  Just remember that lawyers don’t care about the truth, just winning their case.  Cruz has played some dirty tricks beyond passing rumors that Ben Carson had given up the race when he hadn’t.  At one time I thought Cruz might make a good President, but no more.

Now I hear that much of ‘conservative’ media has been purchased by liberal big money guys as a way of controlling it.  And controlled it is.  I have been listening to Rush & Co. since 1990 and trusted that they were reporting facts.  It breaks my heart that they have sold out.


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