“Beulah, the Smelling Salts!!”

This has been such a rich and juicy political season.  First, the Republicans managed to come up with a field of 17 candidates. including a billionaire, a has-been CEO, a doctor, and the usual assortment of governors and senators.  Meanwhile the Democrats have a jailbird and a leftover hippie.

In the process of thinning the Republican field the crap has been hitting the fan daily.  Latest in the craziness is the National Enquirer article that has the media clutching their pearls and gasping for air.  Apparently Ted Cruz, aka Mr. Perfect, has been caught with his…er…pants down.

Frankly, I think it is delightful.  I always think it is delightful when some pompous, self-righteous individual gets busted.  I eagerly await further developments.

Meanwhile, why does the entire Washington establishment (including the media) suddenly dissolve in floods of Victorian hysteria when a Presidential candidate is caught having (gasp!) affairs?  I just can’t believe that their senses have been that horribly offended.

Maybe because something like this shoots all to pieces the theory that Republican hate women.  Apparently Mr. Cruz likes women–a lot.  And remember Bill Clinton?  No one worried about his affairs, but he was a Democrat and the rules are different.

I don’t like Ted Cruz.  I think he is a liar and a sneak.  But the idea of a politician getting a bit on the side?  Not a surprise.  And in this case, right in character.


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