Uh, oh…

Apparently a couple of people from the Treehouse have decided to follow my blog.  That is very nice of them, but now what?  Do I have to be intelligent now?  Do I have to filter my opinion?

Over the course of a long life, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer for people to dislike me for what I am rather than like me for what I am not.  I have spent far too long to redraw myself anymore to suit everyone’s mood.  In the end no one is happy and I curl up in the corner waiting for the next blow to fall.  I’m tired of all that.

So I will continue to say what I feel in here.  That means I might bitch and moan, or say words like damn…or bitch for that matter.  It also means I might talk about kombucha or how the cat let a mouse loose in the bed the other night.

Right now I am absolutely delighted that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate.  I can relate to that man!  He has always wanted to be the biggest, baddest, brightest person on the planet and he has done it.  He doesn’t give a damn what people think of his persona, he’s the Big Dog and not afraid to let people know about it.  Now he intends to be President!

Rush Limbaugh can only wish for that kind of style…