A while back it seemed that Breitbart was always talking about ‘Brexit’.  It had something to do with Great Britain and was supposed to be very, very important.  So I looked up the term and learned that it meant Britain Exit…from the European Union.

Today on Facebook (yeah, I use it, so sue me…) a friend linked to a BBC article that was supposed to explain why things happened as they did.  Apparently David Cameron, the Prime Minister (I think), proposed a vote on leaving the European Union.  This was almost in the manner of a joke, to assure the Right that the people of Britain were very happy with things as they were, and for the Right to sit down and shut up.

In spite of the usual politicking, the people of Britain voted LEAVE!  That wasn’t supposed to happen!  I mean, didn’t the peasants know when they were well off?  Mr. Cameron has resigned…to take effect in October.

I do wonder why these politicians resign, only to hang around forever as if they were relevant…

Meanwhile the Earth is supposed to swap poles and blow up because of this.  Actually, all of Europe has been looking to Britain, hoping that if the Brits can pull out, they can too.

Like other Socialist regimes before, the EU practices Robin Hood economics; take from the rich and give to the poor, i.e., France gets to support Greece.  I think many of the northern European countries are getting sick of this.  How many people are willing to work hard only to see the results of their labor given to someone who hasn’t worked?  That bird doesn’t fly for long.

I am so relieved that Europe is finally figuring this out.  Congratulations, Britain, and hang in there!