Long Grey Hair

Just finished a hilarious thread in The Conservative Treehouse involving women with long grey hair.  Fashion and politics, my favorite combination!  But I get the point.  We have them around here.  Those dried out, bony girls that go drifting through the farmers market now and then as if to see what the peasants are up to.  They are organic and gluten-free and rather offended if the bread has gluten in it (!) or that the organic vegetables have some bug holes.

They go to art galleries, but have no talent of their own.  They organize fundraisers for bike trails, or save the squirrels, or whatever cause is trendy at the moment.  They speak perfect PC in cultured, vaguely European tones.  (They have been to Europe, of course, haven’t you?)  They vote Democrat because Democrats own the cool table.  Only a real plebe would vote Republican or, God help us, for Donald Trump.  (Insert delicate shudder.)

These people will admit to a certain New Age mysticism, usually involving crystals and meditation.  They admire crafts, but ‘don’t have time’ to actually become good at one.  They might make a wreath, or complete most of a needlework kit, but they really prefer committee work that gives them a chance to gossip with others of their kind.

Perhaps I’m just a teensy bit jealous of these women that seem to sail through life untouched by the problems other people face.  With little apparent effort they are thin, gracious, and sought after.  So my opinion that they are clueless and useless might be a tad biased.  I’d like to be fair…

…but I won’t.  Frankly, I’d like to smack ’em all.