Keep me away from Facebook…please!

I have this new acquaintance, a nice kid, a weaver, a business owner.  But she is also a liberal and tends to share posts by other liberals.  I do my best not to argue with these people ’cause talking to a liberal about politics is like talking to a wall.

The latest atrocity was the girl remembering Katrina and miffed that George Bush flying over Louisiana somehow delayed her rescue.  All airspace had to be shut down because the President was flying over.  And how long does it take a plane to fly over anything?

Ummm, that’s not how I remember it.  As I recall, the media was all a-sneer because the President wouldn’t interrupt his vacation to condole with the hurricane victims IMMEDIATELY!  Relief wasn’t there the minute the wind died down!  They beat that tale for weeks and weeks and weeks about how the mean ol’ Republicans just didn’t care about blacks.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.  Obama is playing golf while Louisiana drowns.  And this twit says she is glad that the Governor told Obama not to come, that this was a bad time to block the roads and otherwise protect the President.  And she’s horrified that Donald Trump dared to inconvenience the people of Louisiana by appearing in person to show support.

Things like this make me tear my hair out.  First, if the Governor had asked Obama not to come, why didn’t Obama just tell the media so?  I’ll bet the question never came up, that’s why.  This girl is just making excuses for our Fearless Leader.  By the way, he did manage to squeeze in one more game of golf before going to Louisiana…under duress.  Can’t let Trump show him up, ya know…

And that’s what it is all about.  Trump smeared egg on Obama’s face by appearing more Presidential than Obama in a time of crisis for Louisiana.  The left is supposed to be the masters of optics, but they were faked out of their shorts this time.  I love it.