I have been spending a lot of time lately on  I like the short format, just perfect for drive-by snark.

Since joining Gab I’ve read a lot of posts about how awful the Jews are and why they should be wiped off of the face of the planet.  I’ve talked with some of these people, trying to understand how anyone could seriously wish the destruction of an entire group of people.

“They rule the world with their banks and things!”

“They worship Satan!”

“They eat babies ‘n’ stuff!”

“You are a moron!”

So far I haven’t heard a rational reason to go all Nazi on a group of people, most of which do none of the above.  Hitler tried that and it didn’t work.  There is no way to kill that fast without arousing the wrath of the rest of the world.  Modern Israel was created because of the horrors of the Holocaust.  Guilt trip much?  Frankly, Europe has never liked the Jews and maybe hoped that Hitler would do their killing for them.  So…Israel.  Expiation for thought-crimes.

Even though many Stormers (from their mag The Daily Storm) have made it clear to me why they believe the way they do, I cannot go along with their desire to wipe out this or any group of people.  If Jews worship Satan, God will deal with them.  If they eat babies they, alas, are not the only ones.  I can only hope that the law catches up with any #Pizzagate participants, Jewish or not.  And I can keep my pennies under the mattress if I don’t like banks.

It is human nature to prefer one’s own tribe.  For centuries tribes have used the excuse “God told us to!” to make war on other tribes.  Even in the beginning of Christianity Roman Catholics made war on other Catholics.  Then Protestants and Catholics made war on each other.  And there are so many divisions within the Protestant faith that I have lost count.  My tribe against your tribe.

In my opinion, if someone comes after me with a drawn sword (the Moslems, these days), I will fight back.  I disagree intellectually with a lot of people, but feel they have a right to their opinion.  Regarding Jews, I see no threat.  Regarding Stormers, I thank them for their patience with me (moron-shouter notwithstanding), but I cannot agree with their philosophy.