O Rush, Wherefore Art Thou?

So now I’m getting e-mails from WordPress telling me all the fancy, whiz-bang things I can do with a blog.  Right now I’m leaving the techno-geek stuff for the younger set.  I’ll just post a few things here now and then and try to ignore all that tracking stuff for now.  OK?

This political season has been the craziest I have ever seen.  As usual, a bunch of people jumped in for the Republican nomination.  I guess some of them heard once too often “My dog would make a better President than that guy!”  So they decided to give it a try.

Meanwhile the media was all set for Jeb Bush to be the last guy standing.  He had the money, the name, and he was all set to be the Designated Loser.  Why?  Because Hillary was supposed to be President at the end of all this.  Running against her were a couple of guys I’ve never heard of (who dropped out after about a week) and Bernie Sanders, a crazy old Socialist who has been hanging around the fringe of the Democrat Party for years.

Unfortunately for Jeb, Donald Trump really, really wants to be President and has no intention of letting Hillary waltz into the White House.  Donald had me at “I’m funding my own campaign”, so I won’t pretend to be unbiased here.  He’s running as a Republican, but he is really running for America the way it should be.  And the Republican donor class hates it!

Donald is voicing all the gripes citizens have had since…well…Bush II.  It seems like he has really been paying attention.  The people love him!

But…but…we were supposed to want Jeb!  He was supposed to be this great conservative hope that would make everything OK again.  Except we didn’t fall for it this time.  We have had too many years of so-called conservatives working us over.  No sale, fellas.  Been there. Done that.  Didn’t like.

This election is our last best chance to tell the One World Order to put it where the sun don’t shine.  I love it 🙂


Wandering Around in Blogville

All I wanted was to post a brief comment in theconservativetreehouse.com but to do so I needed a username and password.  My usual name, rubyyarn, came up with a number like there were 307 other rubyyarns out there.  Seriously?  A few other names met with equal success until I hit upon yarnwinder.  Still knitting related, and no one else had it.  And…bingo!  I was the proud owner of a blog.  Again?  I just wanted to leave a comment…

Not that I’ve never blogged before, I have.  I also have a Facebook page where I leave snarky comments and pictures of my knitting.  But how much can one say about knitting?  Needles, yarn, time, and you’ve got it.  Besides, there are others who have dealt with the subject in excellent fashion.

I do admire those that can go on at length about one subject and remain interesting.  I’m the one with the hypnotic voice that causes most to glaze over in about 10 seconds.  So…this may be the place to yak on.  Those that feel dozy can move on and I won’t be offended.

And I don’t plan to stay on topic.  There are too many things that catch my attention.  Besides, who will find me here?  With luck, the thought police don’t patrol WordPress, or if they do, they don’t interfere.  I may even be able to say damn or bitch in here without getting smacked.

Meanwhile, I’ll just poke around a bit and maybe leave a word or two, just ’cause.  Heck, this might even turn into fun!